Control Access

NASIM Tech. provides a complete Secured Access Control solution through the Smart Guard FPS 5000® system.

It is the world first embedded Web server system device with built-in access control and time attendance applications. It supports biometric fingerprints and Micro-Processor Based Contactless or Dual Interface Smart Card technology.

We give you the best, most efficient and most reliable, yet affordable, secured access control solution.

Access Control and Time Attendance
SmartGuard FP5000, the first embedded server system device supporting biometric and contactless CPU Smart Card Authentication.

eSmart's Solution: SmartGuard FPS5000
SmartGuard FP 5000 is the world first embedded web Server system device with built-in access control and time attendance applications. It supports biometric fingerprint and micro processor based contactless or dual interface smart card technology (ISO 14443-B).

Built-in Application Server – Maintenance Free
All the software required for the operation is embedded in each device and no dedicated computer is needed. Technical person is not necessary to maintain the device. SmartGuard is 100% Maintenance Free!

Contact less Smart Card for Fast Access
Use of contactless smart cards saves the time for entering user ID. Moreover, the device can be configured for quick access mode allowing smart card access without fingerprint authentication.

Advanced Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor

Rather than using the traditional optical fingerprint scanner, SmartGuard uses the most advanced capacitive fingerprint sensor for fingerprint acquisition to achieve the highest fingerprint identification results in the industry.

User-Friendly Web Administration Interface

SmartGuard incorporates an embedded Web Server, which enables all computers, such as Macintosh, PCs and UNIX machines, in the corporate computer network to set up, maintain and access information of the device using standard Internet Browser.

Simple Setup and Easy Administration for a Network of SmartGuard Devices in Remote Locations
SmartGuard adopts the most widely used communication protocol TCP/IP instead of the slow and ineffective RS 232 and RS 485 used in the traditional security systems. Multiple SmartGuard devices in various locations can be easily networked and synchronized through Intranet or Internet. Information updates or administration can be done on any of these devices. This simplifies the administration work especially for companies with offices in many remote locations.

Enhanced Reporting capability with Built-in Database Server
SmartGuard can generate various reports in two formats: Text and Excel (XLS) formats. All reports can easily be downloaded directly from the device via Internet browser.